Welcome to the Church Mouse Thrift Stores

Three locations of Sonoma’s finest thrift & collectibles.

Supporting St. Francis Solano School & Catholic education throughout Sonoma Valley.


Church Mouse Sonoma Plaza

Downtown Sonoma Plaza
15 East Napa
Open Daily 10AM-6PM

Church Mouse Sonoma Thrift Center Agua Caliente

Boyes Hot Springs
10 Boyes Boulevard
Open Daily 10AM-6PM

Church Mouse Boyes Hot Springs

Agua Caliente Thrift Center
16885 Sonoma Highway
Open 10-6pm

About the Church Mouse

Founded in May 1966, the St. Francis Solano Thrift Program was established as the support group for the education programs of the parish. For many years the organization sponsored very successful semi-annual rummage sales. On July 13, 1976, the first Church Mouse Thrift shop was opened, fully planned, decorated, staffed and stocked by volunteers.

On November 13, 1979, the second Church Mouse opened on the Sonoma Plaza. Finally, an all-under-one-roof workshop, donation and sales center was planned. This new store, the Thrift Center, a 6,000 square foot modular steel building, was erected in Aqua Caliente. It opened for business in 1984.

Combining the talents of parishioners, retirees, parents, grandparents, students & friends, the Church Mouse has grown into a thriving business dedicated to the support of more than 450 students in Sonoma Valley.

Using its organization and facilities, the Church Mouse has become a distribution center and conduit for donations all over the region.

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Volunteer Opportunities

St. Francis Church Mouse Thrift Stores have volunteer opportunities at all four of our stores. If you enjoy working with the public and have good customer services skills, we have the job for you. Job duties would include making sales, answering the telephone, tagging and pricing merchandise and stocking. We would schedule you 3-4 hour shifts, once a week on the day that you are available. If you are interested in working with friendly, caring people and helping support St. Francis Solano School, please contact Susan Holzer at (707) 996-5115 or churchmousehr@aol.com.

St. Francis Family Volunteer Hours

The Church Mouse has provided a continuing, substantial subsidy to St. Francis Solano School for more than 30 years. St. Francis Solano School is the only Catholic school in the Diocese blessed to be subsidized by a thrift store. Family volunteer hours make the difference.

Each St. Francis Solano school family commits to 16 hours of volunteer work per school year. Hours can be completed in any of the stores or by picking up work to take home. Grandparents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, and friends may help families achieve their hours. Please call ahead to schedule hours or arrange take-home work.

8th Grade Service Hours

Each 8th Grade student is required to fulfill 15 hours at the Church Mouse. Service hours are volunteer hours – not paid. Students are encouraged to work at the stores in pairs or to schedule take home work.

Every June 1st, an individual sign-in sheet is prepared for each 8th grader and are located in a binder at each Church Mouse location. Please use the 8th grade sign-in sheet with your own name on it when working your hours at the Church Mouse. These hours are separate from each family’s volunteer hours.

Each 8th grader is responsible to contact the Church Mouse location of his/her choice to schedule required hours.

Thrift Center (707) 996-5115
Boyes Hot Springs (707) 938-9839
Sonoma Plaza (707) 938-9797